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Home » How to easily connect Xender to computer(pc) to transfer files in easy steps

How to easily connect Xender to computer(pc) to transfer files in easy steps

How to easily connect Xender to computer(pc) to transfer files in easy steps

How to send or share files between Xender android application and your own personal computer is a very easy and in this post I will like to share with you this simple steps and the picture or a diagram that will explain to you or demonstrate you how you can connect xender application with your computer.

The process of connecting xender application with pc

This process involves using a wireless technology between your pc and your android that is using hotspot and wifi technology. Transfering between your phone and yor pc has importance because sometimes your USB port on your pc can damage or you don’t have usb cable with you and you want to transfer or send files so you have to use this process but note make sure you have hotspot driver.

At the beginning you have to make sure you have install Xender app especially the  latest on your android and make sure you have install a browser software on your pc like the most common and well known browsers like chrome, firefox, and opera mini browsers if you don’t have then click the name of each of them you chose and download  it on your computer.

Then after you have successfully download all the reguirements that I have mentioned to you ealier then we should proceed to the steps of how to make the connection between them.

Steps to connect xender application to computer(pc)

Open your xender application that you have install and navigate to the top icon at the right hand side of the app and you will see options appears

Among  the options that have already appears then you have to choose connect to pc from them.

Step 3
click hotspot as this image shows

step 4
At this step then you click create hotspot it will shows you an Ip address like this image after that in your pc you have to make sure that the wireless key on your keyboard is light not red that is make sure you enable the wirless connection and after you enable it then navigate to your tool bar and click connect

Step 5
After that you have to open your browser in your pc and write the Ip address that your phone shows you like this

Step 6

After you have write the ip address that you have see in the previous step then you then you will notice a notification pop up then you click connect to pc as shown below


After that you have done with the connection between the two then you can start for example if you see or select a picture and click download in your computer you will see it being downloaded and when you click upload you will see it in your phone.

In your computer if you want find what you have download from your phone it was beign sterd in the downloads folder in your pc.

Then if you have question or comment then please you can drop it in the comment section