Common Hausa words: This is the commonly used hausa words maily in Nigeria were their is huge number of hausa people, the commonly spoken hausa wods serves as a background to learn hausa.

     Hausa is a language that is being spoken in Africa and in this post we will focused on the list of common hausa words the hausa words that are commonly spoken which we translate them in english language, and you can also see COMMON HAUSA WORDS WITH EXAMPLES
 if you want learn hausa very well so you have to know the common hausa words like the following words. And i will provide a link for some of the common hausa words that i have listed here or almost all of them.

hausa common words for sentence


        Hausa                          English

  1. Gida                           House
  2. makaranta                  school
  3. aji                               class
  4. yaro                            boy
  5. yarinya                       girl
  6. kare                           Dog
  7. kaza                           hen
  8. kifi                               fish
  9. Rubutu                       writting
  10. karatu                         reading
  11. Tafiya                         walking
  12. Bacci                          sleep
  13. ilimi                            education
  14. malami                       teacher
  15. dalibi                          student
  16. akuya                          Goat
  17. tsuntsu                        Bird
  18. lokaci                          Time
  19. gudu                            run
  20. rana                             sun

            yadda ake samosa
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             yadda ake hada yam-ball

             yadda ake connecting din xender da android.
             yadda ake hada yamball
             yadda ake fried rice 
             yadda ake spring rolls da meat pie   
             yadda ake yin pizza        
           yadda ake hada samosa


The above listed are the list of 20 most common used hausa words that you have to know, because of the frequent used of them in life, anyone that has a quetion or comment should feel free and write it in the comment section of this website i will respond to him  when i come across with it.

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