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How to open a blogger website

   Of course, this website is usefull especially useful for business development because it is something that can be captured or accessed by anyone around the world via its address . when you open your blogger website  is an example of website that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in making it .

That is a free platform developed by Google which is used to create a free blog that any time you wish to have custom domain you can connect with it.

How to open a blogger website

yadda zaka hada website na blogger

   Blogger is a google company property that you can use to open a website when you visit the website that was created by blogger it will have an adress like

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how to set up a blogger website

    In the past, one could not open a website by yourself unless he have a programming language experience or had someone who could afford to pay for it. But now You can also open your own website like Blogger website and create a safe post as you would with your facebook or any other social media .

The steps to follow in order open a blogger website

The first way is to securely have a gmail account before you can create website with blogger , a Google Account if you don’t have .it go and open it here.

1.  Firstly go to and visit  Blogger website on your browser.

2. You have  sign up and sign in with your  gmail account that is you have to enter your email address and also  enter your password to sign in.

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3. Click on continue to blogger and after you click then click create new blog.

4. Clicking to create a new blog will open the door and enter a tittle, which is the title of your website. If you look at my website Misalin hausawasite then here’s the name of your website.

5. Then below, you can see a place to write the website  address and add your website tittle to as an example of his own then if the domain is available you will notice a blue good appears and if not available the red one appears as shown below.

6. Then you can click create a blog as this image shows. congratulation you have successfully created your first website and then what remain to you is that you have to  continue editing and writing post for your audience.

7. Then you can log in to your dashboard, where your website is and managed how to do different things.

8. To create a post then on your dashboard then kindly navigate to the place post as shown above and then click new post on the top.

   So at this stage you have completed the integration of your website and what remain is that to get traffic to your website. If any one has a comment he should  feel free and write it in the comment section.