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Hausa Phrases: common Hausa Phrases that are useful for Beginners

Hausa Phrases

common Hausa Phrases that are useful for Beginners 

Hello Guys in this since you are a beginner in learning hausa whether you know some common hausa words or not don’t mind I will teach you step by step some phrases that if you can go out you can start speaking hausa with anyone even the native.

Bellow is the list of useful Areas or field of life that I will guide you so that when you come you can use them.

List of the Phrases Area or Field

  1. Greetings
  2. Directions
  3. Restaurant
  4. Market
  5. Hospital
  6. Emergency
  7. School Phrase
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 A simple way that you can greet somebody in hausa langua ge is to say Ina Kwana which means Good Morning in English then if it is in the Evening Ina Yuni which means Good Evening  in English Language. 
And Related to a pleasure and Polite way when you meet a hausa man and you want talk to him first in a polite way you can say Barka.


Related to direction in hausa language if you say Gabas means East. Yamma means West, Kudu means South and Arewa means North.
And if you said Gefen means Opposite to, Kusa da means Closer to.


The phrases related to restaurant may include like if you said Kwano daya means One Plate, Ina son inci Abinci means I want to Eat Food. Abinci mai dadi means a Delisious Food, if you said Nawa Kwano daya means How much a plate is?
Hausa Vocabulary


If you are in the market and you want buy something in Hausa language when you enter the shop then you said For example Ina son Jikka means I need a bag, Nawa  means How much, Ina son a ragi means I need Discount.


Some Hausa Phrases related to hospital and Sickness are, if you said Inane Asibiti? means where is the Hospital, Banida Lafiya means I am Sick.


In case of emergency when you find yourself you their are hausa phrases like A taimaka mani which means Help me please in englisha and also you can can use the Word matsala  which means danger in English language.

School Phrases

In our previous post we have done Some Common School Vocabularies Some Phrases in school may include Karatu nike Which means I am reading and also you can say malaminmu which Simply means our teacher. to learn more about hausa vocabularies also you can cheak Common hausa words with Examples which i have explain about some words and their examples.
So if you have questions or suggestions you can leave it in the comment section bellow.