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        Common Hausa words!!! The hausa commonly used words to learn as a beginner by which the common hausa words are listed when you raed further in the post, but before we proceed to the commonly spoken hausa words let make a slight introduction about hausa language.

Introduction To common Hausa Words and Hausa Language

      Hausa language is among the most dominant language that is being spoken in Sub-saharan Africa and also Africa in general with almost more than five hundred million speakers across the African continent. In this post i will talk about some common hausa words with their examples, for you to be able to increase your hausa vocabulary very well.

   As you have already known that every language if you want to learn it and become professional in it you have to have a huge number of vocabulary of the common words of that language so prevoisly i have make a post on  10 MOST COMMON HAUSA WORDS TO LEARN  you can check it also to have some common hausa vocabulary words.

Background of Common Hausa  words

   But before that lets us talk a little bit about some common  hausa words which are used as the language words in naming hausa man for example we called him Bahaushe and if we want called a hausa woman we called her Bahaushiya and also among the common words if we want to named a group of hausa people we called them as Hausawa.

    So since you have get some idea about Common Hausa  words that is how hausa people called themselves based on their language lets go further to the list of common hausa words.

Common Hausa Words

List of the Common Hausa words and Translation

     Hausa                    English

  1. Safiya                                                  Morning
  2. Dare                                                    Night
  3. Gida                                                    House
  4. kasuwa                                                Market
  5. Makaranta                                            School
  6. Namiji                                                 Male
  7. Mace                                                  Female
  8. Uba                                                    Father
  9. Uwa                                                   Mother
  10. Da                                                      Son
  11. Education.                                          Ilimi

The Meaning and Explanation of the common Hausa words with Examples

As you have seen the list of the words above which i have mentioned including their translation, in this section i will explain them one after the other.

1. Safiya

   Safiya is a hausa word and it’s meaning in english is morning, that is morning when the night is away and let us make a sentence or make an example  with it. Example Da safe  that is in english language translation means in the morning.

2. Dare

   Dare is also among the common hausa word which means in english translation Night that is in the absence of sun and the presence of darkness. And let us also construct an example with this common hausa word. Example Yanzu Dare Ne  the translation of this in english is now is Night.

3 Gida

  Gida is also another common hausa word by which it’s meaning in english means House or Home  that is a place we lived. Example of sentence in hausa is Gida na ne  in english simply means is my house.

4. Kasuwa

   Kasuwa is also common hausa word that is being used in day to day activities which means in english a market, an example of it is a cikin Kasuwa and the translation of this sentence in english is in the market.

5. Makaranta

  Makaranta is also commonly used hausa word which simply means in english language market and lt us also contruct a sentence with it. Example Makarantar mu. that is in english simply means our school.

6 Namiji

Namiji is also among the most commonly used hausa word which simply means in english Male gender but only male i mean and the example of this common hausa word is. Example Shin kai Namiji ne?. which means in english language are you a male?.

7. Mace

    Mace is also among the most common useful hausa words by which its translation in english language means a female as you have seen we have done for male and let us construct a hausa sentence and also translate it in english. Example Shin ke mace ce? in english translation means are you a female?.

8. Uba

   Uba the translation of this hausa common word in english is father and let us make a sentence with it. Example Uba na the translation of it in english is my father

9. Uwa

    The meaning of this hausa word Uwa is mother in english language and the sentence that we will construct with it is. Example Uwa Ta The translation of it in english  is My Mother

10. Da

      Da in hausa language simply means a son and let us also make a sentence with it. Example Da na in english simply means my son.

11. Ilimi

Ilimi is hausa word which hausa simply means education in English language you can Maka many sentences with it . Example.
Ilimi ya fi which means Education is the best

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    At this we have come to an end of this post based on the common hausa words and their examples and i wil like to see comment from you if you have a question or sugestion you can kindly write it in the comments section below.

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